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Model: m19-033-2-W-r Stock: 4
Flying Sacrifice Remorseful Cleric: Exile all cards from target player's graveyard...
150.00 rsd
Model: frf-022-2-W-r Stock: 4
Return each creature card with converted mana cost X or less from your graveyard to the battlefield. Exile those creatures at the beginning of your next upkeep. Exile Rally the Ancestors...
200.00 rsd
Puresteel Paladin
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Model: nph-020-2-W-r
Whenever an Equipment enters the battlefield under your control, you may draw a card. Metalcraft — Equipment you control have equip {0} as long as you control three or more artifacts...
850.00 rsd
Model: zen-025-2-W-r Stock: 3
At the beginning of each opponent's end step, if you didn't lose life this turn, you may put a quest counter on Luminarch Ascension. (Damage causes loss of life.) {1}{W}: Create a 4/4 white Angel creature token with flying. Activate this ability only if Luminarch Ascension has four or more quest co..
1,200.00 rsd
Model: sok-014-2-W-r Stock: 1
All artifacts have "At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice this artifact unless you pay {1}."..
800.00 rsd
Model: bok-013-2-W-r Stock: 1
Bushido 1 (Whenever this creature blocks or becomes blocked, it gets +1/+1 until end of turn.) You may pay {X} rather than pay the mana cost for Samurai spells you cast, where X is that spell's converted mana cost...
400.00 rsd
Model: ori-016-2-W-r Stock: 4
Until end of turn, if a creature would enter the battlefield and it wasn't cast, exile it instead. Draw a card...
350.00 rsd
Model: m11-017-2-W-r Stock: 2
White creatures you control get +1/+1...
200.00 rsd
Model: lrw-014-2-W-r Stock: 4
Each creature with the highest converted mana cost has protection from all colors...
150.00 rsd
Model: isd-013-2-W-r Stock: 2
First strike, vigilance Protection from Vampires, from Werewolves, and from Zombies..
150.00 rsd
Model: mma-014-2-W-r Stock: 1
Each player who has cast a nonartifact spell this turn can't cast additional nonartifact spells...
1,000.00 rsd
Model: thb-012-2-W-r Stock: 1
First strike Loyalty abilities of planeswalkers your opponents control cost {1} more to activate...
150.00 rsd
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