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Model: 3ed-288-0-C-r Stock: 1
({T}: Add {G} or {U}.)..
88,770.00 rsd
Narset, Parter of Veils
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Model: pwar-61s★-3-U-u
Each opponent can't draw more than one card each turn. −2: Look at the top four cards of your library. You may reveal a noncreature, nonland card from among them and put it into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order...
88,000.00 rsd
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Model: pafr-235a-7-M-m
Flying When Tiamat enters the battlefield, if you cast it, search your library for up to five Dragon cards not named Tiamat that each have different names, reveal them, put them into your hand, then shuffle...
81,200.00 rsd
Nissa, Who Shakes the World
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Model: pwar-169s★-5-G-r
Whenever you tap a Forest for mana, add an additional {G}. +1: Put three +1/+1 counters on up to one target noncreature land you control. Untap it. It becomes a 0/0 Elemental creature with vigilance and haste that's still a land. −8: You get an emblem with "Lands you control have indestructible." Se..
71,500.00 rsd
Gideon Blackblade
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Model: pwar-13s★-3-W-m
As long as it's your turn, Gideon Blackblade is a 4/4 Human Soldier creature with indestructible that's still a planeswalker. Prevent all damage that would be dealt to Gideon Blackblade during your turn. +1: Up to one other target creature you control gains your choice of vigilance, lifelink, or ind..
49,500.00 rsd
Model: 3ed-285-0-C-r Stock: 1
({T}: Add {G} or {W}.)..
42,410.00 rsd
Model: 3ed-284-0-C-r Stock: 1
({T}: Add {R} or {W}.)..
38,800.00 rsd
Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God
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Model: pwar-207s★-5-M-m
Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God has all loyalty abilities of all other planeswalkers on the battlefield. +1: You draw a card. Each opponent exiles a card from their hand or a permanent they control. −3: Destroy target creature or planeswalker. −8: Each opponent who doesn't control a legendary creature or pl..
36,300.00 rsd
Karn, the Great Creator
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Model: pwar-1s★-4-C-r
Activated abilities of artifacts your opponents control can't be activated. +1: Until your next turn, up to one target noncreature artifact becomes an artifact creature with power and toughness each equal to its mana value. −2: You may reveal an artifact card you own from outside the game or choose ..
33,000.00 rsd
Ugin, the Ineffable
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Model: pwar-2s★-6-C-r
Colorless spells you cast cost {2} less to cast. +1: Exile the top card of your library face down and look at it. Create a 2/2 colorless Spirit creature token. When that token leaves the battlefield, put the exiled card into your hand. −3: Destroy target permanent that's one or more colors...
32,780.00 rsd
Teferi, Time Raveler
Out Of Stock
Model: pwar-221s★-3-M-r
Each opponent can cast spells only any time they could cast a sorcery. +1: Until your next turn, you may cast sorcery spells as though they had flash. −3: Return up to one target artifact, creature, or enchantment to its owner's hand. Draw a card...
31,010.00 rsd
Inferno of the Star Mounts
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Model: pafr-151a-6-R-m
This spell can't be countered. Flying, haste {R}: Inferno of the Star Mounts gets +1/+0 until end of turn. When its power becomes 20 this way, it deals 20 damage to any target...
26,700.00 rsd
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